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So many questions

My marine and I just got engaged. He is at MOS school right not and will be leaving the school he is currently at in 6-8 weeks and continuing on to "C" school for another three to four month training period, then it's off to his three year station. We want to move in together as soon as possible, when is the best time to get married? Would I be allowed to live with him at C school? or will I have to wait until he is stationed in the fleet? Also since I am also attending college, when I chose to move in with him, will I receive in state tuition even though I have not yet established residency? Does the military cover some of my tuition cost?

I'm sorry for all the questions but it's so hard to acquire any information, I found this blog and hope that someone knows a lot more than I do.

Thank you!

1) your name: Danielle
2) your marines name: Brian
3) how old are you and your marine: I'm 18, he's 19
4) what is his job?: Aircraft mechanic (he's in school right now)
5) where do you and your marine live? I live in Michigan, he lives in Florida
6) do you have any children? not yet
7) how did you meet?: High School
8) where is he stationed: Pensacola, Florida for right now, Either Jacksonville, Florida or California in the next 6 months
9) how long have you been together? about two years now
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