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well i havent updated in a long time. a couple days i guess. i've been busy. well me and johnny have been talking alot lately. we usually talk online. but today he called me i was so happy to hear his voice. talking online pisses me off cuz it always cuts off on us. the internet dosent like us!!! but atleast we get to talk and i get to know he is ok. yeah... nothing much happening with me. i had a huge fight with my mother in law. yeah it was all point less. she got mad at me for telling her what her son told me to tell her. is was stupid. so i decided that im done being nice to this lady. shit the only reason why she is mad is cuz she cant accept that her little boy isnt a little boy anymore. he is a grown engaged man. but whatever i dont have to talk to her while johnny is gone. the fight went a little like this... he had writen to me and we were talking about stuff he needed and how he had just gotten payed. so he told me to call his mother and tell her that i was going to need his atm. that i was going to go take out money and i would give it back to her when i was done. so i called her. and i was trying to be as nice as i could be. you know all the politeness and stuff like that. but she told me to tell him that she said no. (i was online with im and on the phone with him mom. so i told him and he started telling me to tell her all this stuff. like with bad atuff and all that angry boy stuff. but i didnt i told her what he said but nice and without the bad word. so she went on with this whole thing that she didnt want him wasteing his money. then i told him that and he told me to tell her that if she dosent want him to waste his money then not to touch his money and that she cant take out money for herself eighter. thing is that she dosent like to give me money for his stuff but yeah when she need money she dosebt tell him anything and she takes out ridicuklous amounts of money. it sad cuz it is his money and we should be helping him to makle him feel like more at home over there. you know by sending him what he needs and stuff. i do go out of my way to go and get him the stuff he needs. when io have money but when i dont he tell me to get money out of his account so can get it for him. but she dosent. i know she dosent like me now. but i dont care. im a very like whatever person. if she dosent like me i dont care im with her son for him not for her. i love him and if she cant except the fact that we are getting married soon well then thats way too bad. and he told me that himself too. ofcourse when we get married he isnt going to abandon her. she is gonne have to live with us but thats like whatever cuz i'll try to avoid her for aslong as i can. thats just how life is. yeah i hate it but oh-well if thats what i have to put up with just to be with him then i will. she'll face the fact sooner or later that her little boy isnt so little anymore. he'll soon have a wife to watch over and later have kids to look after too. god i just hate looking stupid. i've been so nice to her. fuck if i wanted to be bitch i wouldnt be calling her and tellin her that her son is ok. i know that she would rather hear it from him but she has to understand that he dosent have access to a phone. well he does but he needs to buy minutes and he dosent have his atm with him. so than im the only way we both can know if he is ok. but if she if gonna get mad and act all stupid with me then i'll just keep all the info. on him to myself. he told me that if i didnt want to talk to his mom it was ok that i didnt have to be calling her to tell her anything. he told me that since he left but i tought you know if i was her i would want to hear anything from my little boy. as in if he is ok. so i called her but now too bad. she wants to know anything she'll have to wait and see if he has time to call her(he called her today after talking to me. or so he told me) yeah... after all this she calls me and we start talking right. and she has the guts to tell me that she never tought that he son would end uo witha girl like me. i took it offensive and asked what she meant and she said that she wanted him to marry a hardcore christian girl. but whatever i told her i had to go and hung up. she isnt gonna bring me down. im happly engaged to her son and nothing is gonna get me to stop loveing him. i havent told johnny but i plan to later on. i dont like to piss him off while he is gone. on the bright side he gave me the go ahead to start planning the wedding. god im so excited. i'll see what happens. we still have 5-6 more months before he gets back... hopefully. well that is this has gotten longer than i expacted. ok buh-bye. sorry if you see this everywhere.
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